Friday, June 1, 2012

Cashing Out is Easier Than One, Two, Three

Cashing out with Instant Cash Sweepstakes, Paid Viewpoint and PredictionMatch is a quick and easy process.  I was amazed at how quickly my payments showed up in my Paypal account.

However, I learned a simple lesson with Paid Viewpoint and PredictionMatch; before I could get paid, I had to verify my cell phone number by actually calling the number and putting in the security code.  I didn't know this at first and my payment request didn't go through, because I texted it in before verifying the number.

So, to get paid with Paid Viewpoint and PredictionMatch; first log into your account, call the number given, follow the prompts, the recording will ask for the security code, punch it in, it will ask that you click 'cash out,' voila! you are done.  It's that simple.  My payment was deposited into my Paypal account within hours of my request.

So, sign up today and start making money along with me.  I am looking forward to my second cash out; hope you cash out with me.  Sign up here:


When you sign up with Paid Viewpoint, you automatically join PredictionMatch