Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Ticket Wins Equal Increased Chances to Win Instant Cash Sweepstakes

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Playing at InstantCashSweepstakes can be a lot of fun, especially, when the chances to win cash are increased each day.  When participants' TrustScore level increases it does something to the amount of tickets we win, as well as, the number of surveys made available to us.  The TrustScore level increases when survey questions are consistently answered honestly.  I have won a lot of tickets with one survey before, but, this one is by far the biggest. That is 2124 tickets that will go toward my chances to win the $50 drawing.  How great is that?

This is the breakdown of the calculation of those tickets, as you can see, I started out with just a 24 ticket and 6 coins win, but, the multipliers kicked in.

Your initial winnings:
24 tickets,
6 coins.
After TrustScore level bonuses you get:
24+35=59 tickets,
6+5=11 coins.
All your multipliers earned you:
59*12=708 tickets,
11*4=44 coins.
We tripled your prizes:
3*708=2124 tickets,
3*44=132 coins.

Start winning today with InstantCashSweepstakes.  It's free to join, therefore, you have nothing to lose.

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