Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is the Secret to Making Money with Instant Cash Sweepstakes

Instant Cash Sweepstakes has a lot of money making potential.  I am finding this out very quickly.  I love answering the quick and simple surveys.

So, how can I make money with Instant Cash Sweepstakes?  
  • It's really very easy.  All you have to do is answer the quick surveys that are made available to you and the site will do the rest, because with each survey question answered, you will receive tickets and coins or cash and coins.
What are the tickets used for?
  • The tickets that are rewarded to you will be entered automatically in the daily $50 drawing.
  • You can earn 100 tickets my writing and submitting interesting surveys for ICS.
So, what do I do with the coins?
  • There are two things that you can do with the coins.  You can convert a portion, or all, of your coins into tickets, to use in the $50 daily drawing, or, you can use them to 'bet' on chances to win the $2 daily drawing.
Is it that easy?  Will it cost me anything?
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes is totally free to join and participate.  There are no limitation to the number of times that you can win the daily drawings.  And there are no demands on your time.  You answer the  survey questions at your leisure, however, the more you participate the better your chances of winning the $2 and $50 daily drawings.
Is there a way to make more cash with Instant Cash Sweepstakes?
  • The best way to increase your earning potential with ICS is to invite your friends and family to participate.  ICS matches referral winnings.  Meaning, you win matching tickets, coins and cash from each of your referrals.  However, Instant Cash Sweepstakes does not match the $50 prize, but, does match the $2 drawing.  
OK, gotcha.  Now, how do I get paid?  Do I have to wait forever?
  • Instant Cash Sweepstakes pays via, which is a free to join services, which allows you to transfer money earned with ICS to your checking account or receive a check.  
  • No, you don't have to wait forever.  ICS asks for at least 72 hours to see your payment request, but, the deposit, usually takes considerably less time to show in your account.
  • The minimum payout is $2 and when your account reaches $100, you have 30 days to transfer the money to paypal, or you will lose your earnings.
Am I going to get bombarded with a bunch of spam to my email and annoying text messages?
  • This is another thing that keeps me coming back to ICS, is I am not asked to complete other offers, watch videos, give out my email or cell phone number.  Just answer the few simple survey questions and have fun.
So, what's the 'secret' to making money with Instant Cash Sweepstakes?
  • Honestly, there is no secret.  You just have to be willing to answer a few simple survey questions and have a little fun.  Think of it as entering the lottery, but, you don't have to buy the tickets, they are given to you and your chances are increasingly better as you continue to participate in the Instant Cash Sweepstakes program?
Did I leave out anything?  Are all of your questions answered?  I hope so, now, sign up and start making money.  It's lonely being the only millionaire on the net.  Well, you won't become a millionaire, but, you just might win $50 to go on a mini shopping spree.  SIGN-UP HERE or use the ICS widget to win tickets to get you started.

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